about us

Al Chaab Yourid is a new political party that has been secretly under development for more than a year by a network of keen to Kais Saied campaign.The party, spearheaded by a former K.S campaign leaders, have been drawn up by a group frustrated by the tribal nature of politics, the polarisation of the political life during last 8 years and the standard of political leadership on all sides. Al Chaab Yourid has a centrist policy platform that borrows ideas from both left and right. Senior figures from the civil society were involved, as well as supporters of the elected president Kais Saied.
The Initial discussions have begun at the end of 2019. The group has set up a committee which is likely to be the vehicle for the party. Some of our team members have been keen for the project to concentrate on building community activism rather than becoming a formal political party; a final decision has been taken on January 2020 and an official request was submitted to the prime minister office. Figures from across the political spectrum are involved in this project, much of our policy platform are aimed to be center-left audience, however, it also backs center-right ideas on wealth creation and entrepreneurship and is keen to explore new solution for social and economic crises in Tunisia.
There has been persistent speculation about the potential of a new party as the president Kais Saied declared many times not interested to launch a new political party; the hardship in setting a new government, did not give us a choice, and we had to either step up to save our country or step down. we care about this country and we want to challenge the way things are currently done by our current crop of professional politicians. The current political and economic situation will define the country for a generation so LET'S DO IT!